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2/19/08 - Believe it or not, I really am still here. I actually have some stuff to add soon. Crazy huh? I've sold a few more things and updated the gallery accordingly. Thank you so much to those of you that bought them. I can still be reached at the same email if you need anything!
10/9/06 - He's finally gone ;_; Who? The Ultimate Majin cel. At least he's gone to a loving home. There are still a couple things left if anyone is interested, just drop me a line at!
4/7/05 - I'M SELLING OUT!! Well, sort of anyway ^_~ I've put 'BUY NOW' buttons on almost everything, and drastically lowered prices. Yes, I realize the prices of DBZ cels are going down the toilet. Anyway, with the buy now buttons you can pay by paypal or credit card. You DO NOT have to have a paypal account, and you do not have to sign up for paypal in order to use your credit card. The cels that are listed 'NOT FOR SALE' are absoutely not for sale. They were given to me as gifts and I have no plans to part with them. As always - just email me with questions!
3/3/04 - I can't believe this site has been here for over 3 years now O_o It kinda makes me feel old!!! Anyway, if you haven't noticed I've been throwing things up on ebay. Yes yes, as I keep saying I do have new stuff, I'm just super lazy as usual. We'll see how long it takes me to update next, ha ha. AND I do have my Ultimate Majin back, I had it out as collateral on a "loan" for a little while, thank you Mr.Sweetie Gogeta00 for your help ^_^
8/19/03 - Wow, I'm actually doing something to the website! Just doing a little rearrnging & updating. I think most of the stuff I'm adding here is already in my other gallery. I still have cels that aren't scanned yet though...boy am I lazy =P Some of the links and pictures might come up broken while I'm 'remodeling' so don't panic, just try again later ^_^
4/21/03 - Did everyone have a good Easter? Today is my daughter's birthday, the big 4!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY ^_^ I just did some house cleaning in the gallery. I have more cels which are up in my rubberslug gallery, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to updating this site. I'm so lazy =P
12/18/02 - Happy Holidays Everyone!!! Did ya think I was dead? No no, I'm very much alive & well. No big news here, just a little house cleaning - taking down things that have been sold, etc, etc. I still have a bunch of stuff to scan, the most interesting one (to me) being a Vegeta in the gravity room. Mmmmm.... "Gogeta00" has bought quite a few of my cels over the past few months (thank you baby!) so if you're wondering where things like the shower cel are - go visit his site! Work is starting to slow down maybe I'll be around more soon ^_^ Feel free to drop me an email if ya feel like chit chatting!
If you'd like to know know a little bit about how I got into DBZ just click here. These cels are all in my personal collection. If you are interested in any of them please feel free to email me.

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