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My wishlist is going to be going through some major construction, but these are all cels that I would love to have. I would much rather buy cels than trade, but I am open to trade offers. I hope to add some screenshots of what I'm looking for soon.

I'm looking for this exact cel. In general, I'm also looking for Vegeta in different outfits.

This is definately one of those ones I will never be able to get my hands on :( I *think* it's from the ending credits or something.

More Wanted Cels

ALWAYS looking for Majin Vegeta -
I am also willing to pay "finders fees" if anyone
alerts me about one, and I do end up purchasing it.

I will consider any high quality Vegeta cel ^_^
Future Trunks from the Bojack movie
Teen Gohan in Super Saiyan form wearing his school clothes
SSJ Teen Gohan in the black outfit during the Buu Saga
Vegitto in non super saiyan form
Piccolo in normal clothes (the episode where he takes driving lessons)
A full body shot of Brolli in non super saiyan form
Tapion, especially with his flute

Basically everyone not listed above.


These are in no particular order.

Rurouni Kenshin
(This show is in a close tie with DBZ as my favorite anime,
so I'm REALLY looking to get a decent collection going!)
Sanosuke Sagara/Zanza - I'm not too picky yet since I don't own any ^_^
Kenshin - I prefer "Happy Kenshin" cels, but I'll take anything where he just looks cool!
I think my biggest wishlist cel for him would be one where he's holding the
doctor's 2 grandchildren, and they're all smiling ^_^
Aoshi - again, I'm not too picky yet!

Vampire Hunter D:Bloodlust
Meier & Charlotte together - as if I could afford one!

Van, preferably a nice cel of his face.
Balgus, I'd like one where you can see a lot of his scars.

Vash looking serious, especially with his glasses on.

Outlaw Star
Close up of Hilda's face
Any of the opening credits that look like snapshots
Aisha with the fierce look on her face, the one she gets when she is about to fight

Mononoke Hime
Like I'll ever find any I can afford...but I'd really like one of the "Forest Spirit" or whatever you want to call him, in his animal form. That ugly, yet beautiful, deer-like creature.