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Are you up late at night cel hunting? Are you totally broke? Do you spend every waking minute checking out new cel auctions? Do you check Anime Taro every 5 seconds so you can be the first one to snatch up the new DBZ cels? Do you have a wild obsession with Majin Vegeta? Do you pray for a non super saiyan Vegetto cel at night? No wait, that's me! I do see some of you nodding your heads though ;)

Hi ^_^

My name is Angela - and yes I am female. Why do female DBZ fans always suprise people? Anyway, I apologize for the pathetic webpage setup. I've learned almost everything from tutorials on other webpages, that's why the page is so simple. I live in Indiana, I'm 24, and have a beautiful daughter (Emily) born in April of 1999. One of her first words was Vegeta ^_^ Beleive it or not she actually got me started on DBZ! Which is where I break off into...


I was up late one night trying to rock her to sleep and stumbled onto Cartoon Network playing DBZ. By chance she just happened to wake up around the same time each night for about a month, so I got hooked. Now that I think about it... maybe she woke up because she wanted to watch it too... Eventually I was getting up even when she wasn't because I was getting so into the story line. It was with the original voice actors in the Saiyan Saga. (After that Funi just started screwing it up - but we won't go into that, everyone has the same complaints - thank God for fansubs) Now I've every episode and movie from DB/Z/GT. I have a wall shrine of scrolls and pictures, t-shirts, and of course my lovely cels, plus lots of other junk - even the stupid bop bags. The picture at the top of this page is one wall of my living room, and the others are from the upstairs! It drives my family and friends insane.

This is my quick list of favorite things : Beaches, thrill rides - especially sky coasters, any and all animals, cartoons, movies such as The Crow(which was my previous obsession) - Blade - anything with Jackie Chan - Mortal Combat - I could go on forever, Taco Bell-I'm a cheap date ;) Stephen King, lots of music (my absolute favorites being Nine Inch Nails and Crystal Method), cel collecting, and of course Vegeta.

A lot of people ask about the URL... yes I really do want purple hair. If you know where I can get my hands on some good temporary purple hair dye - so I can freak a few people out- please let me know ^_~