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What are they REALLY doing????

Okay, I know some of these are really lame, but they can't be any worse than Funimation (Come on, do you think Vegeta would really say "Holy Cosmos") If you think you can do better let me know. Send your thoughts on what they're saying or doing and I'll add it under the corresponding picture:


Vegeta: My hands are so cold, I wish I had some cocoa.
Vegeta: When I get nervous I put my hands in my armpits, then I sniff them.


Vegeta:(pdth) Oh God! I hope no one heard that!
Nappa: Hey Vegeta, what's that awful smell?


Announcer: only $19.99 who wouldn't want this adorable snowglobe featuring everyone's favorite Saiyans??



Nappa: How do you like my new dentures?


Vegeta:*thinks* Why the hell is Nappa flying behind me?
Nappa:*thinks*Boy, that Vegeta sure has a nice @ss.


Off camera voice: Okay, now say cheese.
Vegeta & Nappa: Cheese


Vegeta: That Noxema really worked for me.
Vegeta: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.



Goku: Why do I look so short in this picture?

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